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Spaced Repetition

The one strategy learning scientists say works
Access all the resources you need to become an expert on spaced practice, explore why it’s so effective, and consider practical implementation so you can see the benefits of spaced repetition in the classroom.


Meet the presenter
Justin Matthys
A member of the physics research group that discovered the Higgs Boson, Justin swapped his research career for one in teaching. Now, he dedicates his talents to changing the terrible truth that he experienced as a classroom teacher: despite teachers’ best efforts, too many students were graduating with little to no understanding of mathematics. At the Maths Pathway office, Justin works tirelessly to ensure the Learning and Teaching Model is translated into the best possible tools, content and classroom routines.

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3 strategies for deepening maths understanding
We’ve put together three strategies that have been consistently proven to enhance student learning across a number of classrooms and contexts. We’ll explore what each strategy is, what the research says about it and how to implement it in your classroom.
Strategy 1: Spaced Repetition
Strategy 2: Flow
Strategy 3: Targeted teaching
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Memory is weird! But could that weirdness help my students study?
Are there ways we can learn things efficiently for the long term, without mixing up similar ideas? We see if the research literature has any answers. Proudly powered by Maths Pathway, The Pedagogue-cast is a space for teachers at all stages of their career to dive into all things weird and wonderful about classroom pedagogy.
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NAPLAN Practice Resources

To help your students prepare for NAPLAN, we have created a range of fantastic practice resources for years 5, 7, and 9. Access our non-calculator and calculator practice questions, answer keys and worked solutions booklet.

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