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“Teachers need the tools to be able to individualise the learning of students. We have that tool, and it’s Maths Pathway.”
— Chevalier College
“Thanks to Maths Pathway, our students are more persistent, more resilient and better prepared than before.”
— St John the Evangelist Catholic High School 
“Maths Pathway has given our students confidence and showed them they can complete the work required to do Specialist.”
— East Loddon P-12

Maths Pathway Features

All features are served with a side of our legendary customer service and care

 Diagnostic & Initial data

Our Diagnostic Test is an online adaptive tool that efficiently and comprehensively gathers insights into your students. We don’t just give your students a grade, we give you specific, detailed data that determines what content the students will have access to. We identify what your students do and don't know and what they are ready to learn next.

Learning Content

Our content aligns specifically with all national and state curriculum & standard requirements. It is written by a team of teachers and mathematicians using the latest pedagogical research. We continually improve our content based on student performance, ensuring students are learning productively and efficiently. Writing things down has many cognitive benefits: our content has students completing work in their exercise books. We also offer regular spaced practice to students to ensure they remember it and develop their fluency. This helps them to be more successful as they encounter new content.

Highly Effective Teaching

Teachers can embed explicit instruction using the Mini-Lesson Planner to identify small groups who are ready for the same key concept (that relates to your teaching program focus). During Mini Lessons, teachers can facilitate conversation, use concrete materials and help students see connections within the content they are learning as well as real life scenarios.

Reporting and Compliance

Every state and system has their own reporting requirements - Maths Pathway makes compliance easy, including with audit requirements, state reporting, and parent communication.

Individual Learning Path

In a differentiated classroom, we need to give students the capacity to work effectively and independently. We help to ensure that all students maximise their mathematical potential by giving them access to work they are ready for. They won't have to read through pages of explanations or watch hours of examples; they'll be engaged in a series of well-scaffolded questions designed to build their understanding. Each module is part of a coherent sequence of learning that ensures students are building a deep understanding as they progress. Read More

Formative Assessment

Assessment doesn't have to provoke dread in your students - or you! Automatically generated and individualised online tests save you preparation time and keep your finger on the pulse. Fortnightly assessments provide an ideal timeframe to give feedback on whether students have understood the work they have completed and are ready to move forward. You will have time to sit with students one-on-one to discuss progress, celebrate wins and equip them with strategies and goals to be more successful in the next fortnight.

Authentic Maths Experience

With an efficient approach to delivering content as your backbone, we give you more time to give your students authentic maths experiences. These can be done in small doses on a daily basis, which we call Energisers, or larger doses each fortnight and term, through what we call Rich Tasks and Projects. Students get to apply their knowledge in solving problems and identifying patterns, feeling success and ownership over their learning. Week-long projects each semester also provide another avenue for assessment and reporting.

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“I sat down with another group of EdTech providers and they are nowhere near this level. I felt my time was wasted talking to them. You guys are the industry leaders. Your user experience is brilliant, intuitive and very clear.
— D.B, Maths Pathway teacher
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Our Impact

For ten years we have made true differentiation possible in classrooms across the country

Certified by Education Alliance Finland

Education Alliance Finland completed an independent evaluation of Maths Pathway. They certified us as being a high quality pedagogical product, with the following result:
According to the Education Alliance Finland evaluation, Maths Pathway represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently.
Maths Pathway received an overall score of 93%.
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Research Papers

There are some key research papers that explain the Maths Pathway model, and demonstrate the quality of the learning team and their work:
  • An Evidence-Based Approach for Mathematics Instruction
  • Leveraging learning analytics for better educational content design
  • Keeping students on task and on track
  • See Research Papers

    Our 2023 Impact Report is here!

    We reflect on a school year packed with empowering data and exciting stories. We proudly worked with 71,853 students from 333 schools. Download the report and read the stories from our incredible Maths Pathway community.
    Read Full Report

    Our Schools

    It takes a community of passionate and committed people to make real change happen. Here are stories from the Maths Pathway community.

    Explore some of our Partner Schools

    Chevalier College (NSW)
    Kildare Catholic College (NSW)
    Randwick Public School (NSW)
    Burgmann Anglican College (ACT) 
    Blackburn High School (VIC) 
    St Francis Xavier (VIC)
    Warnambool College (VIC)
    Park Ridge State High School (QLD)
    Concordia Lutheran College (QLD)
    Torrens Valley Christian School (SA)
    Adelaide Botanic High School (SA)
    Faith Lutheran College (SA)
    Dominic College (TAS)
    Bob Hawke (WA)
    Peter Moyes (WA) 
    See schools in

    Case Study:
    Concordia Lutheran College Understands Engagement

    “The best thing about Maths Pathway is all the data we get.” Good data drives good results, as the saying goes. But real-time, pin-point accurate, dynamically fluid student data that’s not just collected, but actually used everyday — now, imagine the results that can produce. Watch the full case study to see how Concordia Lutheran College is setting their students up for maths success.
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    “It covers everything you need: differentiation, explicit teaching, targeted intervention and rich maths tasks. Data is live and detailed, and students can take agency over their own learning"
    — M.C, Maths Pathway School

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