Our model

Maths Pathway is a core mathematics curriculum that provides every tool and resource students and teachers need to be successful in maths.

A model for the perfect classroom

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Teachers discover all the gaps and competencies that each student has in the maths curriculum.

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Maths Pathway personalises learning to each student’s needs with high quality resources and support.

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Teachers, informed by detailed data on student achievement, use their expertise to provide highly effective explicit teaching.

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Students are more engaged in maths, less anxious and deeply understand the maths they learn.

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Students reach excellent levels of numeracy and are prepared for senior mathematics.

What makes us different

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Teachers love us!

95% of teachers feel Maths Pathway is an effective teaching tool

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We make an impact on student growth

84% of students are ready for senior maths compared to the Australian average of 46%

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We’ve been tried & tested by thousands

10,400 teachers, 337,000 students and 300+ schools have used our model over the past decade.

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We’ll keep your school’s data safe!

Maths Pathway has joined the Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) Product Badge Program in 2024

Case studies

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Concordia Lutheran College

“The best thing about Maths Pathway is all the data we get.”

Good data drives good results, as the saying goes. But real-time, pin-point accurate, dynamically fluid student data that’s not just collected, but actually used everyday — now, imagine the results that can produce.

Watch the full case study to see how Concordia Lutheran College is setting their students up for maths success.

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Park Ridge State High School

“Students were coming to us with huge, huge gaps in their learning. I had teachers coming to me ripping their hair out, saying I can’t physically differentiate for the different levels in my classroom.”

Watch the full case study to see how Park Ridge State High School used Maths Pathway to create a maths environment that empowered students and gave them opportunities to fill learning gaps.

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The Lakes College

“Every single student has a unique and individualised path through the curriculum, no matter what level they’re at.”

Watch the full case study to see how Maths Pathway enabled The Lakes College to differentiate maths learning for every student.

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Ready to explore Maths Pathway for yourself? Get started with a free trial today!