Webinar: Resources to get you through Term 4

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As we enter Term 4, teachers have plenty on their minds. Reports, parent teacher interviews, wrapping up the year. It’s a lot!

To help you get through this last term, we’ve put together some fantastic maths resources designed to make the next few weeks a little easier. Maths Pathway co-founder Justin Matthys, will take you through each resource and why it’ll make your Term 4 easier. Plus, you’ll get a bank of resources to use with your class!

Meet the presenter

Justin Matthys

A member of the physics research group that discovered the Higgs Boson, Justin swapped his research career for one in teaching. Now, he dedicates his talents to changing the terrible truth that he experienced as a classroom teacher: despite teachers’ best efforts, too many students were graduating with little to no understanding of mathematics. At the Maths Pathway office, Justin works tirelessly to ensure the Learning and Teaching Model is translated into the best possible tools, content and classroom routines.

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