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Constructing Effective Maths Resources

A set of three dice

In this live webinar, host Justin Matthys takes us through a range of great maths resources, highlighting what makes them effective and how we can implement them in our classroom. Plus, get a bank of free resources to use.

Meet the presenter

Justin Matthys

A member of the physics research group that discovered the Higgs Boson, Justin swapped his research career for one in teaching. Now, he dedicates his talents to changing the terrible truth that he experienced as a classroom teacher: despite teachers’ best efforts, too many students were graduating with little to no understanding of mathematics. At the Maths Pathway office, Justin works tirelessly to ensure the Learning and Teaching Model is translated into the best possible tools, content and classroom routines.

Downloadable Resources

Checkout Challenge

View Rich Task

Growth Mindset

Lesson Plan

Year 7 
Statistics Project

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Calculator Lessons




Research paper
Leveraging learning analytics for better educational content design:

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