Teachers Supporting Teachers

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  • 26 July 2020

As the remote learning journey starts again, we can only imagine the pressure teachers across Metro Victoria and Mitchell Shire are facing. This second round of school shutdowns was something we were all hoping to avoid, but here we are, and all we can do now is adjust as best as possible.

We understand the challenges encountered during remote learning are ones many teachers have never faced before, which is why we need to come together as a community to support each other.

Last term, during the first round of school shutdowns, we created a campaign called Teachers Supporting Teachers. We put the call out to our teacher community to send us their best remote learning tips to help get through these unprecedented times, and as always, they delivered. 

So, as we head into another term of remote learning, we thought we’d put these tips together in one place so that you can access them whenever you want. 

Remote learning teacher tips

How to upload pictures of bookwork to Google Classroom using Chromebooks

This tip was sent in by Emma from Footscray High School, who created a video for her students on how to upload pictures of bookwork to Google Classroom using Chromebooks. 

To watch a tutorial on how this works, click here.

How to get clear images of students work

Matt from Sacred Heart Primary School has a tip for us about how to get a clear photo of students’ work. If students have iPads, apparently ‘Notes’ has an inbuilt option when they select the camera, for them to actually select scan. Scanning the document means the picture is a lot clearer. It has been really helpful as they were originally receiving photos from students that they couldn’t read.

Screen sharing from an iPad by connecting it to a video call on a Mac

Rhys from St Joseph’s College shows us how he uses his iPad as a resource to show students his working out methods during a video call. He connects his iPad to his Mac computer so he can access the iPad screen by sharing it during a video call with his students. 

To watch a tutorial on how this works, click here.

Microsoft Forms feedback questionnaire

Andrea from Geelong Lutheran College created a Microsoft Forms feedback questionnaire for her students. This feedback questionnaire provides an online opportunity for students to participate in a feedback, reflection, goal-setting session at the end of a cycle during this remote learning situation. The teacher can then use the data/information from the questionnaire to complete the official feedback session in the Maths Pathway program.

To access this feedback form, click here.

How to stay connected with students by using Compass, YouTube and feedback forms

Paul and Chloe from Bob Hawke College show us how they utilise their learning management system Compass to upload lesson plans for each week and how they use YouTube to upload ‘How to’ videos for their students. They also created a feedback form for their students to complete after tests, so students don’t miss out on reflection and goal setting.

To watch a tutorial on how this works, click here. 

To access this feedback form, click here.

Creating new routines and standards

Erin from Aquinas College has sent us some great ideas on how to adjust to remote learning. 

  • Remember this is new and different for your students as well, teach them not just math skills but also how to adapt to a new learning environment, how to ask for help and encourage them to support each other;
  • Set work hours and create a routine; try to make the abnormal normal;
  • Have a weekly problem-solving challenge, which encourages students to think outside of the box. Have them share their thinking and solutions to promote mathematical thinking as well as collaboration. Most of my students are tech-savvy and surprise me with the platforms they are using to share their work.

Setting realistic goals

Justin, one of the Maths Pathway co-founders, has an important message for teachers all around Australia. Having innovative ideas is great when you have the time and energy to implement them, but more often than not, we find out ourselves struggling to juggle everything on our plate. So, it’s important to remember not to put too much pressure on yourself to achieve everything all at the same time. Be kind to yourself and temporarily put projects to the side to reduce your workload.

Click here to listen to Justin’s message.

Finding time for yourself 

Justin from Maths Pathway has another tip to share with us. It is so important to take time out for yourself and to make sure you’re not overworking. This will allow you to be more present in the moments where it really counts, with your students.

Click here to listen to Justin’s message.

Managing young kids whilst working from home

Melissa from Mill Park Secondary College has a great tip for teachers with young children. Make them a lunchbox at the start of the day so that they can manage their own snacks/meals and minimise disruptions while you are teaching.

Share your tips

Maths Pathway is always working hard to bring the teaching community together and create a better learning environment for students. We regularly provide resources across our Media Library, Blog, and our Social Media platforms so that our community has access to relevant information and activities for the classroom. 

If you have any teacher tips that you would like to share, get in contact with us via Facebook.

Author: Maths Pathway

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