Maths Pathway recognised by Education Alliance Finland

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  • 22 August 2022

Maths Pathway, a Melbourne based start-up company created by two teachers has been awarded an Education Alliance Finland certification in quality. 

According to the Education Alliance Finland evaluation, Maths Pathway  is proven to promote maths learning efficiently and represents high educational quality. Maths Pathways pedagogical approach to maths education received a score of 92% and their learning engagement rated a 3.84 out of 5. 

Education Alliance Finland found that the high educational quality aspects of the Maths Pathway Model included: 

  1.  Maths Pathway provides a truly individualised and optimised way for learning maths.
  2. There is an extensive amount of content available, which utilises various teaching and learning methods.
  3. The professional development program supports teachers in taking up an innovative way of teaching. The teacher’s engagement and competence is crucial in the process.
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“We are extremely proud to be certified by Education Alliance Finland for the quality of our comprehensive mathematics learning model. We highly regard Education Alliance Finland and their in-depth science-based method of evaluation ” said co-founder, Richard Wilson. 

“At Maths Pathway, our mission is to build a future in which every child who leaves school does so fully numerate and confident in their ability to think mathematically. In the years since the birth of Maths Pathway, this stance has helped us grow from two teachers helping their own students, to a thriving network of more than 3,340 teachers across Australia.”

Maths Pathway continues to push the boundaries of what a maths resource actually is and the benefits it can provide to both students and teachers. In a Maths Pathway classroom on average students are learning at a rate that doubles what is being experienced in a traditional setting. 

This Finnish certificate administered by Education Alliance Finland offers an academically sound approach to demonstrate a product’s impact. 

Education Alliance Finland provides a product evaluation and certification service based on global quality standards for learning solutions. According to the Alliance, “our service helps to improve product’s pedagogy and offers an agile way to demonstrate educational impact to customers.”

To achieve the Education Alliance Finland Certification, a company must achieve a score of at least 80% in pedagogical approach and 3 out of 5 in learning engagement.

Education Alliance Finland evaluation process is rigorous. The evaluator (who must hold a Masters in Education) maps the product’s learning goals against a specific curriculum/curriculums. All supported skills are listed and classified as didactic (A-level) or facilitative (B-level) goals. 

Maths Pathway is alongside brands including BOOKR CLASS, freejoo, Kids Online and I can read who have received the Education Alliance Finland certificate. To read more about Maths Pathways results, check out the full report.

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