Get your English class ready for Term 1

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  • 31 January 2024

To help you prepare for Term 1 we have gathered great resources, podcasts, webinars, programs, and teacher communities that you can lean on and learn from throughout the school year. Share this blog with your teacher besties so they can explore these great resources too.

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Teachers Pay Teachers
Empowers teachers with content, tools and community to teach at their best. We’re the go-to platform for supporting educators with the resources they need to teach successfully in an ever-changing education landscape.
Top Teacher
Top teacher has an abundance of free and member resources, tools, and games in their e-library that have been crafted with care, purpose, and a focus on the little details that go above and beyond on-paper results to create long-lasting joyful education experiences.
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The Australian Association for the Teaching of English (AATE) is a national professional association established and supported by state and territory English teaching associations. Together we provide a national voice with local impact, strengthen professional connections and collaborate to influence the teaching of English in Australia.
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As school begins for 2024, teachers are ready to get to know their new students and create a positive environment for their class to learn in. It’s an exciting time in the school year, but also a busy one, so we’ve put together a toolkit of the best tools and resources to get to know your students and set your classroom up for success.

The Pedagogue-cast
Introducing The Pedagogue-cast! An education and pedagogy podcast dedicated to unpacking different concepts and research that impact the way students learn and the way we teach them. Each week, former teachers – Maths Pathway Co-Founder, Justin Matthys and host of the Education Bookcast, Stanislaw ‘Stás’ Pstrokonski unpack a range of topics.
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Teachers’ Education Review
Teachers’ Education Review is a fortnightly podcast that takes a look at educational issues in Australia and around the world. Hosted by teachers from primary and secondary schools, we explore the implications of educational policies, teaching practices, and international events that impact on teaching and learning in Australian classrooms.
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Teacher Wellbeing
Self-Care for Teachers is an online teacher wellbeing hub founded by Ellen Ronalds Keene. It began life as a Facebook Support Group (now archived) and soon expanded to a podcast, coaching services and a series of wellbeing resources.
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The Teacher’s Tool Kit for Literacy
The Teacher’s Tool Kit For Literacy is the free podcast for motivated teachers and school leaders who want the latest tips, tricks and tools to inspire their students and school community in literacy learning. Literacy expert and co-founder of Cue Learning Sharon Callen and special expert guests provide practical literacy insights that you can apply in the classroom today.
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Teacher Takeaway
​The Teacher Takeaway podcast is hosted by four Australian teachers. The purpose of the podcast is to provide educators with practical takeaway ideas to implement within their classroom or school setting. Join your hosts Aaron Johnston, Alice Vigors, Rebecca West and James Gray as they talk all things education.

English Pathway assesses which concepts students understand, struggle with, and need to learn next. It provides individualised learning programs, helping students build on and strengthen their understanding of concepts in oral, written, and visual comprehension, as well as language structure. 

It only takes 60 minutes per week as homework, in class or a mix of both for students to catch up with two years of learning in just 12 months. English Pathway covers visual communication, oral comprehension, written comprehension and language structure for Years 5-10. The program is fun to use and visually engaging helping to keep students on track during learning time.

“We immediately saw the potential to solve our growing problem of providing authentic, meaningful and measurable help to our students to build their confidence in English, thereby improving their overall academic success. As a school, we would recommend using English Pathway to anyone who wants to make a meaningful change in a child’s life.”

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