An Evidence-Based Approach for Mathematics Instruction

Analysis of the Maths Pathway pedagogical model Dr Kripa Sundar (NarayanKripa Sundararajan) Dr Katerina Schenke


This paper outlines Maths Pathway’s pedagogical model and the research behind why Maths Pathway delivers on meaningful and actionable maths instruction.

Key findings

This paper lists examples of features that apply the research.

These include: making use of assessment and data to allow for data-informed feedback, data to personalise learning, and the ability to model student growth across maths curricula, combining multiple models of instruction that enable for rich, targeted learning and supporting students to become self-regulated learners.

  • The assessment and data section covers continuous assessment for, as and of learning, the use of granular data for differentiation, data-informed feedback, and measures of attainment and growth.
  • The modes of instruction section covers rich learning, targeted explicit teaching and individual learning.
  • The section on student supports covers reflection and goal-setting, check-ins and coaching and targeted intervention.

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Paper by:
Dr Kripa Sundar (NarayanKripa Sundararajan)
Dr Katerina Schenke

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