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Thanks for taking the time to read our 2023 Impact Report. Here, we share the data and stories about our impact in schools across the past twelve months. We also celebrate those who share our vision of a world where every child has the opportunity to not only enjoy maths, but thrive in their learning.
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”As Maths Pathway turns ten, we celebrate our passionate community. The path to a better world lies in more meaningful and impactful education
— Richard Wilson, Maths Pathway Co-founder


Every student, no matter their background or current skill level, should have the opportunity to see growth and experience success in maths.

We’re proud to share the impact of Maths Pathway in classrooms across the country.

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Download 2023 Impact Report

Case Study: It takes a village

Every teacher wants to give their students the best possible chance to succeed in every class they attend and at every stage of their learning. This can be difficult when time and resources are holding both students and teachers back. Our case study schools have all taken steps to make a difference to maths education at their school and for their students. We’re proud to share stories from the Maths Pathway school community
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Case Study

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Maths Pathway is proudly a certified B-Corp

We’re proud wearers of the B-Corp badge. We may look like a business, but at heart we’re a social movement, driven and dedicated to changing the world one maths-loving student at a time.

Certified B Corporations balance purpose and profit, and are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, community and environment. They also undertake a rigorous certification process that ensures they meet the highest standards of verified performance and transparency.
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Maths Pathway in Cambodia

As Teach For Australia alumni, Maths Pathway founders, Richard and Justin are passionate and regular contributors to the broader conversation around educational equity and excellence in the Teach For All network.

We’re excited to share that Maths Pathway has been involved in the High Tech, High Touch movement in Asia, which seeks to ensure that we can bring the best of technology alongside high quality teaching to maximise student outcomes.
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