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Your child begins by completing a diagnostic assessment that:
  • Provides granular data on their gaps and competencies
  • Outlines concepts mastered and what they need to learn next
  • Generates their tailored learning journey
  • Forms their personalised learning profile

    Next your child will be delivered curriculum mapped content in the form of modules.
  • Each module is comprised of worksheets, videos and learning intentions that your child can access through their learning portal.
  • They complete all their maths in their workbooks over a two week cycle.
  • The online learning portal is where your child can access their diagnostic, learning profile, modules and ongoing formative assessments.

    At the end of a learning cycle, your child will complete a test that determines their progress and what learning should take place next.

    This test is essential for effective personalised learning to gather real-time data and enable timely feedback and intervention.

    Maths Pathway also measures three very important areas:

    Effort is the number of content modules completed versus the number of modules assigned for the cycle. High effort can be seen when students are keen to work hard and see how far they can push themselves. Lower levels of effort might be due to disengagement, or if a student is struggling.


    Accuracy is a measure of how many content modules a student has mastered, as a proportion of their total completed modules for that cycle. Mastery is an important part of the Maths Pathway model as we know that students learn maths on a continuum, so they must understand each concept before they can reach higher levels of maths.


    The growth rate is a really important piece of feedback for students as it emphasises the value of continual development. A student’s growth rate reflects the new work that they’ve mastered over time.



    At the end of the two week cycle, a tutor will review your child’s work and provide feedback.

    It’s really important to have humans checking work as they can quickly identify misconceptions and pick up on silly mistakes in your child's work that other programs would mark wrong.

    Get to know our Maths Pathway at Home students

    Meet Josh

    Josh is in Year 5 and started with Maths Pathway at Home with a learning level of 5.2. In five short months, Josh grew his learning by 1.47 years and is now confidently working at a year 6.7 level.

    “Maths in the classroom was often too easy and I got bored working at the pace of the whole class. Using Maths Pathway at Home, I have been able to fill the gaps in my understanding and now I’m working way above where I would be in the classroom. I’m learning to love maths because I’m always challenged the right amount.” 

    - Josh, Student

    Meet Lucy

    When Lucy started her journey with Maths Pathway at Home she was learning at a year 6.3 level. In just 7 months she has caught up by 1.36 years and is now working at a year 7.6 level.

    "My daughter loves using Maths Pathway at Home! She is able to work very independently and loves the way the lessons are delivered. She is now mastering subjects at a Year 9 and 10 levels while consolidating her knowledge of the Year 8 concepts, which is exciting for her as a Year 8 student.”

    - Lucy's mum

    How to get started

    At Maths Pathway we identify every child’s learning gaps from the start, so they can work on filling them and creating a solid foundation from which more maths learning can grow.

    Step one

    Sign up  to a free trial and we’ll create your personalised account in 24 hours

    Step two

    Run an adaptive diagnostic test to pinpoint your child’s place along the learning continuum.

    Step three

    Access your child’s personalised journey with the maths content they are ready to learn.

    Step four

    See your child blossom and build confidence in their maths abilities.

    Help your child become a lifelong learner

    Success for your child

    By delivering learning that fits the child, Maths Pathway will develop success and understanding, no matter what level they start at.
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    Curriculum mapped content

    All content in the Maths Pathway program is curriculum mapped, so you can be sure that your child is meeting their state based requirements.
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    Easy to use with a parent portal

    Hundreds of thousands of students have helped us make Maths Pathway intuitive and easy to use. Your child’s work will be reviewed by real tutors who provide them with feedback. And you'll be kept up to date with regular insight reports.
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    Always the best content

    Our team of learning experts adapts and improves the content in Maths Pathway every two weeks! You can be assured your child is always receiving the best learning material possible.

    Research paper 
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    Clear reporting

    You’ll have access to reports that meet every state’s homeschooling requirements. Illustrate clear growth and progression across every concept with our reporting tool.
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    Maths Pathway at Home combines proven learning science with the latest education technology to bring your family a personalised learning model.

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    Maths Pathway at Home
    Online maths game
    Private Tutoring
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    Builds metacognitive skills
    Focused on long-term success in maths
    Focused on mastery learning
    Applies up-to-date learning science
    Uses data to continually improve content
    Affordable with quarterly and annual subscriptions

    Meet SteVen

    Steven is in Year 7 and started learning with Maths Pathway at Home in February. He was learning at a year 7.1 level, but now is working at a year 8.5 level by achieving an amazing 1.4 years of growth in 7 months.

    “Maths Pathway is a fundamental part of my homeschooling program. I feel relieved to know my son is working at his own level, at the same time it is great to be able to monitor his progress. The support of the Maths Pathways team is consistently good and at any time you can request a report of your child’s progress which is handy for the yearly homeschool reports we need to complete.

    Steven’s mum

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    Yes. The Maths Pathway Student Portal will run on both computers (laptops and desktops) as well as touch devices like Android tablets and iPads.
    Yes. Our learning content is developed by the Maths Pathway learning team and is written to the ACARA Maths 1-10 Curriculum. It is subsequently mapped to all separate State curriculums/syllabi including the Australian Curriculum, Victorian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus.
    When you sign up, you’ll be able to access regular reports on your child's progress through their portal.
    Maths Pathway at Home is designed to be used by parents, adults and homeschooling families. The teacher component of the model requires significant training, and is typically only provided to schools. If you'd like to discuss further, please email us at
    Got a question? No worries. You can contact us on
    Maths Pathway is designed for students from grades 5 and up. Younger students can use the program successfully, if they have solid learning and technology-usage skills. There is no upper limit on the age at which you can learn maths; the content in Maths Pathway covers up to Year 10A (Stage 5.3).
    Maths Pathway was founded in 2013 by Australian teachers Richard Wilson and Justin Matthys to address the spread of ability they were challenged with in their classroom.
    Maths Pathway is a comprehensive Learning and Teaching Model, rather than simply an online product to supplement maths.

    Other programs out there usually do pre & post testing, determined by the age-based curriculum. Our diagnostic tool is adaptive so the questions change based on what students answer and their gaps/competencies are assessed across the curriculum from Level 1-10A. The appropriate curriculum-mapped content is then delivered via online modules.

    We are currently offering a 2-week free trial!

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    At Maths Pathway, our purpose is clear. We want to build a future where every child leaves school unafraid of maths and ready to apply their mathematical toolkit to the challenges they face in life.

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