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Emmanuel College allows students to learn at their level, in their moment.

We all know that learning is a continuum. Take a look in any classroom and you will see students spread far and wide. In fact in a traditional year 7 classroom, there is on average an 8 year spread of ability, with around 7% of the classroom having a deep understanding of the material being taught, and only an additional 18% of the students being able to follow basic step-by-step instructions. So what about the other 76% of the students? Worryingly they sit somewhere on the spectrum between barely being able to count to having huge gaps in their learning.

At Emmanuel College they saw this spread of ability and committed to ensuring every student had the opportunity to grow and progress along the continuum. They identified two key groups that needed their attention: the first being the self-identified ‘not maths people’, the kids who believed they were bad at maths because they hadn’t inherited the ‘maths gene’, and the second being the high flyers of the class. The kids who were ready and waiting for more challenging content. 

That’s where Maths Pathway came in. With Maths Pathway every student has a maths programme they can succeed in. The Maths Pathway model calculates where each and every student is in the curriculum and generates a personalised map of what they’re ready to learn next. 

“Maths Pathway recognises that every student is on a continuum of learning and what they’re ready to learn is truly unique to them” said Christopher Stock, Principal at Emmanuel College.

With a maths programme specifically designed for their individual needs, students at Emmanuel College walk out of the classroom with their heads held high — proud that they are growing and succeeding.

“Math Pathway is all about allowing young people to experience success at their level, at their moment in learning.” Said Mark Sciberra, Deputy Principal of Emmanuel College. 

“It's tailored to allow even the weaker students to have a lot of success. And the strongest students can challenge themselves to advance even further.” continued Mark.

The teachers can see it, the parents can see it, and best of all the students can see their growth for themselves. And what is the growth? For Aron Altun’s class “Everyone is above one year growth already. A lot of them are aiming for two by the end of the year. So growing two years within one year.”, Aron explained. And most importantly, the students are achieving their personal best.

“Success will always be about achieving your personal best,” said Mark Sciberras.

“That’s why Maths Pathway is the great justice tool of mathematical learning. Every student gets the chance to achieve their personal best.”

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