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New teaching model gets better results from students

Maths Pathway founders Justin Matthys and Richard Wilson share their vision of changing the way students around the world learn maths.

“If you value understanding, it turns out that every student is ready for a new piece of maths that is different from everybody else,” Matthys says. “There is such a spread of abilities – it’s not as if everyone is ready for the same thing at the same time.”

Anyone who has been in school knows this often results in behavioural problems – from being left too far behind to catch up or so far ahead the student is bored.

“That was where the whole notion of Maths Pathway was born out of, wanting to solve that problem,” Matthys says. “Saying, what would it look like to restructure the maths course and the maths classroom so that 29 different students could learn 29 different things at the same time, and that’s OK.”

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How does Maths Pathway work?

Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices in a holistic model that supports teachers to deliver differentiated teaching and achieve greater student growth in the classroom.

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