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We want to make sure you’re getting the PD you really want, so it’s simple: vote for the topic you’d most like to learn about, and we’ll run the most popular PD in Term 3.
Webinar 1: 
Using AI effectively in the classroom

You're hearing about Chat GPT and AI more and more, so where can it work in your classroom?
  • How does Chat GPT fit in the classroom?
  • Using AI to your advantage as a teacher
  • Using AI to support your students
  • Webinar 2: 
    How do we teach fractions most effectively

    Are your students getting stuck learning fractions? We can help with this.
  • Best practice for effectively teaching fractions
  • Tips for supporting your students
  • Activities to warm student sup to fractions
  • Webinar 3: 
    Suggest a topic!

    Our ears are open and our learning experts ready to help!
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