After-school Maths and English support for Years 5-10

Give your child the necessary knowledge foundations to see success in the classroom, close learning gaps and exceed curriculum expectations.
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Powerful Diagnostics

Identify conceptual gaps with our uniquely powerful diagnostics. Pinpoint not only which concepts a learner struggles with but also how far back to start learning with our in-depth assessments.

Individualised Catch up

Our tailored approach ensures that each student receives the individualised guidance necessary for effective and meaningful learning.

Structured Learning Pathways

Navigate through an organised and sequenced set of educational activities aimed at guiding students towards achieving specific learning objectives or acquiring targeted skills.

Assessment as Learning

Students are active participants who engage in self-assessment and utilise feedback to steer their own educational journey. This method places emphasis on fostering self-awareness and responsibility.
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Reflective Learning's after-school Maths and English Bundle

Provides a web-based learning support tool designed to help students catch up with and excel past what is offered in class
Identifies gaps through diagnostic assessments and guides students on a tailored learning path
Fosters a growth mindset and positive learning behaviours

Taylor Staniland

Year 8 Student
“Reflective Learning explains the ideas so clearly. They explained the simple concepts in a way that I can understand. It’s fun to do, and easy to follow.”
Taylor caught up 3.4 years of understanding in just 6 months!

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How can Reflective Learning help your child?



Identifies Learning Backlogs
Diagnostic Assessment for up to 81 key concepts from years 1 through 9. 
Diagnostic Assessment for up to 40 key concepts from years 1 through 9.
Structured Learning Pathways
Curriculum coverage across structured journeys: numbers, fractions, measurement, data literacy, problem solving, patterns and algebra and space and shape 
Curriculum coverage across structured journeys: visual communication, oral comprehension, written comprehension, and language structure
Focused on mastery learning
Focused on building deep conceptual understanding in Mathematics that impact later years of understanding.
Focused on Functional English and reading for meaning allowing students to infer meaning from the world around them.
Independent Personalised Learning
Reflective Learning puposely guides your child through their learning journey, creating opportunities for them to take control of their learning independently and to develop lifelong learning skills.
Develops Metocognition
Metacognitive practices help students understand their strengths and what they need to improve on. It's about knowing what you don't know yet, and then finding ways to learn or get better. If you understand your own strengths and weaknesses, you can make better plans for how to study or practice.

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Closing the learning gap

This chart shows a big issue: many students are not where they should be in Maths and English.

This isn't just about school; it's a real-life problem. Falling behind in these subjects makes it tough to grasp new lessons in class. The result? Ongoing struggles in school that could affect their entire future.

To really catch up, students need to put in the work at home too.

These learning gaps are not just school issues; they're hurdles to future opportunities. To overcome them, focused effort both in school and at home is essential. It's not just about improving grades; it's about setting the stage for a better life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need a device?

Yes. Reflective Learning requires a device to run. The program is browser based and will run on both laptops and desktops as well as all smart devices, tablets and mobile phones. 

Is it aligned to the curriculum?

Reflective Learning is aligned with multiple global curricula for Year 1 through 9. It covers the core concepts required to build a solid foundation in Maths and English.

Can I track my child's progress?

Yes, every Reflective Learning at Home account gives Parents or Guardians access to follow their child's progress through their learning journing. You can access this through an observer account or from your parent portal. 

What age groups is Reflective Learning at Home designed for?

Reflective Learning is designed for students from Years 5 to Year 10. 

How is Reflective Learning different from other Maths programs?

Reflective Learning focuses on deep conceptual understanding and building conceptual mastery personalised to each  student's needs. Most other programs focus on fluency and exam preparation methods that don't address the root cause of a students challenges. 

What browser should students use?

Ideally students use Google Chrome as their browser but the program will work on other browsers.

Where can I get extra support if needed?

Throughout the launch term and beyond, you and your child will have access to Reflective Learning's world-class support. Use the in-app chat or simply email us at for any issue that concerns you, and you'll receive a timely response to address the matter. For further support options, you can visit our website.

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