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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need a device?

Yes. Reflective Learning requires a device to run. The program is browser based and will run on both laptops and desktops as well as all smart devices, tablets and mobile phones. 

Is it aligned to the curriculum?

Reflective Learning is aligned with multiple global curricula for Year 1 through 9. It covers the core concepts required to build a solid foundation in Maths and English.

Can I track my child's progress?

Yes, every Reflective Learning at Home account gives Parents or Guardians access to follow their child's progress through their learning journing. You can access this through an observer account or from your parent portal. 

What age groups is Reflective Learning at Home designed for?

Reflective Learning is designed for students from Years 5 to Year 10. 

How is Reflective Learning different from other Maths programs?

Reflective Learning focuses on deep conceptual understanding and building conceptual mastery personalised to each  student's needs. Most other programs focus on fluency and exam preparation methods that don't address the root cause of a students challenges. 

What browser should students use?

Ideally students use Google Chrome as their browser but the program will work on other browsers.

Where can I get extra support if needed?

Throughout the launch term and beyond, you and your child will have access to Reflective Learning's world-class support. Use the in-app chat or simply email us at for any issue that concerns you, and you'll receive a timely response to address the matter. For further support options, you can visit our website.
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