What is Reflective Learning at Home?

Reflective Learning at Home is brought to you in collaboration with Reflective Learning and the team behind Maths Pathway. For the last 10 years, we've been making differentiation and personalisation work for Mathematics in the classroom- now we're doing it with after-school support for Maths and English.

What’s the difference between Maths Pathway at Home and Reflective Learning at Home?

Maths Pathway at Home is a personalised learning model best suited to Homeschoolers who have access to qualified tutors and reporting that meet Australian Homeschooling standards.

Reflective Learning at Home is the perfect program for after-school support and covers both Maths and English, so students can catch up and extend their learning.

Our Values

We believe in an approach to learning and teaching based on learning science and evidence. We know that in a typical class, students enter with a wide range of levels, and with different gaps and competencies to their peers.

Students should not be constrained to work "at grade level"; rather, they should grow along a continuum towards a clear goal, from wherever they happen to be.

We believe that students need to learn in a variety of modes. They should develop confidence with digital technology and hand-written skills, and have opportunities for hands-on learning, group work and discourse.
We believe that courses should be structured around effective student learning first, not around reporting requirements. Assessments should be diagnostic and formative; they should reflect, measure and enhance student learning.
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