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High quality, easy to execute differentiation
Created by teachers, for teachers, Maths Pathway has been put through its paces by teachers across the country to become what it is today - a simple, effective and affordable program that makes maths differentiation easier for teachers, and provides outstanding outcomes for students.



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“It covers everything you need: differentiation, explicit teaching, targeted intervention and rich maths tasks. Data is live and detailed, and students can take agency over their own learning"
— M.C, Maths Pathway School

Australia’s premium differentiation tool

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Premium solution

We’ve created a premium maths program with expertly written and designed content, comprehensive data and reporting all backed by the best learning science in a beautiful and easy to use interface.

Effective differentiation

We combine all of the tools, resources, processes and supports needed to ensure consistent delivery of the maths curriculum and effectively differentiate learning for every student.

Easy to execute

We know you don’t have time for steep learning curves, so we worked closely with teachers to design an intuitive program that is simple to use.

Independently verified

Maths Pathway is the result of pedagogical expertise and real-world classroom testing, and our student results and independent studies reflect this.

Not an 'online tool'

🚫 No glueing students to screens or pushing teachers to the background 🚫
We’re not a digital program designed to take the teacher out of the teaching, or to glue students to screens. We’re here to support teachers by combining a range of high-impact teaching strategies in a model that personalises learning. Maths is always handwritten and students experience a range of learning modes.
“I sat down with another group of EdTech providers and they are nowhere near this level. I felt my time was wasted talking to them. You guys are the industry leaders. Your user experience is brilliant, intuitive and very clear.
— D.B, Maths Pathway teacher

Our Impact

For ten years we have made true differentiation possible in classrooms across the country

Certified by Education Alliance Finland

Education Alliance Finland completed an independent evaluation of Maths Pathway. They certified us as being a high quality pedagogical product, with the following result:
According to the Education Alliance Finland evaluation, Maths Pathway represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently.
Maths Pathway received an overall score of 93%.
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Research Papers

There are some key research papers that explain the Maths Pathway model, and demonstrate the quality of the learning team and their work:
  • An Evidence-Based Approach for Mathematics Instruction
  • Leveraging learning analytics for better educational content design
  • Keeping students on task and on track
  • See Research Papers

    Our 2023 Impact Report is here!

    We reflect on a school year packed with empowering data and exciting stories. We proudly worked with 71,853 students from 333 schools. Download the report and read the stories from our incredible Maths Pathway community.
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