In the average year 7 classroom, there is an eight year spread of ability.
So, how do teachers address this?

When content is delivered according to year level, it is incredibly challenging to target every student’s point of need. In fact, providing individualised learning without support means growing the teacher’s already considerable workload to develop more assessments and more resources. Maths Pathway overcomes these challenges supporting you to provide truly differentiated learning to each student, without additional admin.

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Articles about Personalised Learning

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Why streaming is not the same as personalised learning
There’s a lot of literature on the topic, but here’s what we think are the three of the biggest differences between streaming and personalised learning.
Students Writing
Why we need to reconsider our age-based approach
Let’s talk about age-based learning. It’s how we structure our schools and for the most part, our teaching. Why should we reconsider our age-based approach?
Concordia Brill
1 classroom, 28 different learning levels
How can we possibly meet the needs of every single student when they are all at such different levels? We break it down for you.
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The current landscape of education in 2023
Jobs requiring STEM-literate students are on the rise, yet fewer students are electing to study maths at senior level. How can we change this?
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How to close learning gaps and double student growth
 Before they move to Year 7, how do we make sure students have really mastered the mathematics they covered as a primary student?
Why even the greatest lesson will ultimately fail
As teachers, we put a lot into our lesson plans.  We plan, we print and we most definitely photocopy, but are we just being set up to fail?
Young female student
The hidden culprit of our declining maths results
Every year, the headlines fill our news feeds alerting us to downwards trends and our falling position amongst the world’s top performers.
4 signs spread of ability is a problem in your classroom
It’s not news to anyone that students can be at very different levels with very different learning needs, despite sitting in the same class.

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