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Mind the gaps

Why learning gaps are the next education challenge.

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A peek into the remote Maths Pathway classroom

Teachers share their remote learning experiences.

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Refreshing student learning habits post-shutdown

COVID-19 school shutdowns were unlike anything we’ve seen in education before, and came with little warning as this pandemic swept the globe. It didn't take any time at all for educators all around the country to spring into action. And their efforts have been nothing short of amazing. With all Australian states now back at […]

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Inspirational educator movies (because you deserve a break!)

The Maths Pathway team has put together a list of famous films, which are perfect to enjoy this term because you deserve a break!

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Pause & Adjust: how to get some time back

To all of the teachers out there, how are you going? It’s been a really tough couple of months and we’re thinking of you.  We know how much teachers do in a normal term, let alone amidst a global pandemic. In some states, teachers have completely shifted their practice online. While in others, the stress […]

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Why more teacher work won’t yield better student outcomes

When was the last time you drove away from the school gates and didn’t think once about your work, class or colleagues?  What about the last time you left school before 4.00pm? Or didn’t take work home?  Or felt like your to-do list was totally manageable? For most teachers and school leaders, answering “yes'' to […]

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The hidden culprit of our declining maths results

Every year, the headlines fill our newspapers and our news feeds alerting us to downwards trends and our falling position amongst the world’s top performers.

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What we mean when we say "anyone can do maths"

An article by Education Expert Dan FInkel.

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5 ways to get disengaged students excited about learning

Want to know how you can support disengaged students to get back on track?

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Why even the greatest lesson will fail

As teachers, we put a lot into our lesson plans. We think about the curriculum, the content, the resources and, of course, what will be engaging for our students. We plan, we print and we most definitely photocopy.

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10 things you should do before you start planning for 2020

You might think it’s a little too early to be worrying about your plans and goals for the new year, but we disagree. Think of it like Christmas shopping — if you don’t start thinking about it early, it can sneak up on you quickly!

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Please stop trying to “reform” my maths classroom

In education, we often hear that we need to ‘transform’ the system. There’s many a debate on the topic and despite several ‘innovations’ meaningful change just hasn’t happened.

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Supporting low SES students to catch up

There is nothing more radical than providing equal access to quality education.

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Can an audit ever be easy?

What do you get when you add a massive amount of work to a lot of time and even more stress? You guessed it, an audit.

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How to close learning gaps and double student growth

Reaching the end of Year 6 is an important milestone. It represents seven years of learning, all leading to the big step from primary to high school.

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