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Prepare to teach Networks with our new curriculum resources

Along with this paper, we’ve created modules, assessments and videos for both level 9 and 10 that you can use with your students.

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Celebrate the year with your students

To celebrate the year for all that it was (and that it’s finally come to an end) we’ve curated a list of four end of year celebrations.

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Our top tips for Rich Learning

The education industry is no stranger to new buzzwords and trends. They’re always popping up. One you may have heard recently is ‘Rich Learning’ or ‘enrichment tasks’.

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All the resources you need to teach Measurement Error

These resources are designed for both teachers who have not taught Measurement Error before and teachers with experience teaching it in senior Science courses who will benefit from considering how far to take the topic in Year 10 mathematics.

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Reflecting on the year

As always, the last term of the year comes with mixed feelings. Excitement that the end of the year is in sight, but overwhelm for the amount that we still have to achieve.

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How to stay motivated in Term 4

Term 4. It has a way of getting away from us pretty quickly and while it’s nice to have the summer break in sight, there’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it.

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Shake things up this term

Returning to school after the holidays can be a little difficult for everyone involved. Especially for students in lockdown.

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Keeping students on task and on track

Teachers work hard to keep students on task.

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A Teacher’s Top 4 Tips For a Stress-Free Term 3

Find ways to minimise your load by taking these tips on board and see how they work for you.

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Why the curriculum review won’t work - on its own

The 2021 curriculum review is entering its final stages following a recent consultation period with the public, including teachers and parents.

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This is the ultimate maths class, according to research

Education research is constantly developing what we know about teaching and learning. Often, it confirms existing practices, or expands them further, and sometimes it gives us completely new strategies to try.

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Diary of a secondary teacher in lockdown

Today is my first day of remote teaching during Melbourne lockdown 5.0 because I don’t work Fridays, so I missed the first day last week.

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Using data to create content that supports deep learning

As our use of technology in the classroom grows, so too does our capacity for capturing learning data.

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Diary of a primary teacher in lockdown

Log on. Enthusiasm abounds. Spirits are high. Everyone checks in, except one.

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It’s over (a break-up letter)

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and I need to tell you that I feel it’s time to go our separate ways.

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