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Why Term 4 is too late to start planning

It’s sometimes easier to put our heads down and just focus on getting things done but without planning it's easy to get lost in the busyness of the term and forget to look ahead at what’s to come.

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The red flags to look out for when selecting your classroom resource

Researching potential resources takes time, which is one thing many teachers don’t have enough of and with the information available being quite contradictory, it can be hard to know which resources will actually have an impact with students.

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What makes a good maths resource?

As we enter the second half of the year, it’s time for teachers to start thinking about the maths resources they’ll use in 2023.

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A HOD’s experience of a Curriculum change

What comes to mind when you hear curriculum change? Endless word documents? More endless word documents? Meetings? Codes and content descriptions?

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7 practices to avoid in the classroom

Each year new research is published informing us of which practices are best to use in the classroom and which aren’t hitting the benchmark.

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The 3 elements that make Professional Development impactful

Learning doesn’t stop once we graduate from higher education and enter the workforce, if anything this is where learning really takes place.

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Using the pandemic’s data to support deep learning in the classroom

We’re in the unique position of spending more time online than ever before, so how do we use the captured learning data?

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3 Strategies for Deepening Maths Understanding

Every teacher’s toolkit is filled with strategies to enhance student learning. From quick tips, to whole-class routines, teachers know what works to get their students focused, engaged and learning.

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Let's celebrate World Maths Day with Prime Numbers

In celebration of World Maths Day, we are sharing a fascinating Prime Numbers lesson that you can take back to the classroom.

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6 ways to help yourself and your teachers manage stress this term

School principals and assistant principals are experiencing 1.5 times the amount of workplace demands as the general population.

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Supporting out-of-field teachers: the how and the why

One in four Year 7-10 teachers are teaching a subject that they have not specialised in. And mathematics is no exception.

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What’s the best Wordle starting word? We used maths to find out.

Ever wondered what the best starting word for Wordle is? Well, our co-founder Justin might have figured it out! How? Using his maths brain and a spreadsheet.

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Why you need to start the term with a diagnostic

A student's learning ability is the key to understanding what classwork is suited to their needs, but what makes up their ability?

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5 ways for teachers to prepare for the term

To support our community, we have put together our top 5 tips to help teachers and leaders prepare for a new term.

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Five pedagogical superpowers that support student progress

Five pedagogical superpowers that Maths Pathway teachers can use to elevate their teaching

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