NAPLAN Practice Resources

To help your students prepare for NAPLAN, we have created a range of fantastic practice resources for years 5, 7, and 9. Access our non-calculator and calculator practice questions, answer keys and worked solutions booklet.

What's included

We know NAPLAN time can be really stressful, so we’re sharing our favourite practice resources to help your students succeed. By filling out the form below you can access a free collection of non-routine problems based on previous NAPLAN tests.

Your download includes:

Year 5 Non-Calculator Practice Test and Answer Key
40 Questions
Year 7 Non-Calculator Practice Test and Answer Key
32 Questions
Year 7 Calculator Practice Test and Answer Key
32 Questions
Year 9 Non-Calculator Practice Test and Answer Key
32 Questions
Year 9 Calculator Practice Test and Answer Key
32 Questions
NAPLAN Practice Tests
Worked Solutions Booklet
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How Spaced Practice can support student learning and NAPLAN success

The one strategy learning scientists say works

The Spacing Effect (also known as Spaced Practice) encourages the ongoing revision of learnt content at increasing intervals. This learning technique commits information to long-term memory, assisting in quick recall and a deeper understanding.

Spaced Practice can take away some of the stress of NAPLAN as students are consistently preparing and revising topics throughout the year. We can also reduce the need for cramming in short periods, which research says adds to anxiety levels and makes learning less effective.

Want to learn more about Spaced Practice?

Webinar: Spaced Repetition
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