My daughter came home last night and, so proudly, told me she had achieved 100% on a maths test. I am used to tears when she is learning Math. It gave me tears of joy to see her expressing positive emotions related to math. I could not be happier.

Nicole Robinson, Parent

I hated maths, hated it so much because I was horrible at it. With Maths Pathway, it changed and I went from E’s to A’s and B’s.

Luka, Redcliffe State High School

The only reason my son comes to school is Maths Pathway. Seriously, the only reason.

Lisa Gallwey, Parent

My maths teacher told me if I can keep up this rate, I can learn two and a half years worth of maths in one year.

Lachy, De La Salle College

This is so much better than the old way.

Year 7 student, Nambucca Heads High School

There were gaps in her learning that hadn’t been highlighted before. So by highlighting that it meant that she has to work through those and master those in order to be able to move on, which I think is a fantastic thing.

Jackalin Hancock, Parent

Identifying students’ prior knowledge is key to their progression through the Mathematics curriculum. Maths Pathway provides an abundance of data to identify student needs, any targeted intervention required to fill learning gaps and opportunities for extended learning.

Clay Urquhart, Nambucca Heads High School

I love the program! Students were engaged with the content and are learning at a pace appropriate to them. Teachers are equipped with resources to better respond to student need. The support offered by the Maths Pathway team is second to none. It is pleasing to see the growth of students in mathematics, particularly at an SSP (behaviour/emotion school). I would highly recommend this program to any school as it benefits both staff and students.

Kathryn Meggitt, Verona School

I just crunched some numbers on the progress of my students’ growth on Maths Pathway. So, Hattie indicates students are currently learning at 0.6 of an expected years growth. We have worked with Maths Pathway with our Year 8 class for 6 months now so one might expect a growth of 0.3. I crunched numbers on our lot from their beginning level up until now and it has come out at 1.2 approx. Meaning that our students are progressing at four times the expected rate of growth. Some of the higher performers (ie 1.9 or larger) are really struggling students not the more academic students you might expect.

Christine Galbraith, St James Catholic College

Maths Pathway is that ‘aha!’ moment for maths education in Australia.

Michelle Fry, Redcliffe State High School

Thanks for making Maths Pathway. Last Friday a girl went up to her English teacher bursting with pride and demanding to tell the teacher the great news — she got 200% growth on her Maths Pathway test. She said she had never felt so happy because she never got good marks in maths ever. The English teacher felt happy too! Now she wants English Pathway.

Christopher Hill, Epping Secondary College

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How does Maths Pathway work?

Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices in a holistic model that supports teachers to deliver differentiated teaching and achieve greater student growth in the classroom.

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