Impact Report

Reimagining the maths classroom

Driven by purpose

Maths Pathway was founded by teachers who understand real change is needed in order for students to truly succeed in the classroom.

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For teachers, by teachers

Maths Pathway was founded by teachers who understand real change is needed in order for students to truly succeed in the classroom.

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A message from our co-founder

When I walk through the world, I see things differently. I notice numbers, and the way they create patterns and relationships. I search for the connections between the abstract and the concrete.

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The landscape of maths education

We all know the dismal facts and dire predictions. The number of Australian students choosing to study maths in the senior years of high school and beyond is shrinking.

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Making classrooms more equitable

There is nothing more radical than providing equal access to quality education.

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Our impact on Australian classrooms

Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices to create a holistic model that is maximising teacher impact and increasing student engagement in maths classrooms across Australia.

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Reconnecting teachers with their passion

Evidence shows that ‘collective teacher efficacy’ is the strongest predictor of student achievement.

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The Maths Pathway model

The Maths Pathway model works for all students because it meets them where they happen to be in their learning journey.

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Ability Spread

No student held back or left behind

Maths Pathway enables teachers to personalise the learning experience for every student in the classroom. Students access the content they are ready for based on their diagnosed level.

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Our vision for all classrooms

Step inside a Maths Pathway classroom, and you know you are somewhere special. Students look engaged as they work to their personalised learning plan, independently or in pairs.

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Look inside the classroom of the future

You’ll see eight components working together, supporting teachers to have a greater impact and helping students to grow and succeed in maths.

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Eight components, one holistic model

Each component in the Maths Pathway model is impactful by itself, but its true power is in the carefully designed structure and the relationship between components.

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A proven approach

The Maths Pathway model is synthesised from the important work of educational researchers and innovators.

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Our outcomes

In the end, for teachers it’s all about the students: encouraging their self belief, growing their capability in maths and igniting their passion for learning

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Helping girls find success

In the early years of schooling, there is barely any gender divide in maths. But by age 8, a clear gap in self perception of mathematical ability develops.

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An invitation to transform maths education

Teachers have made Maths Pathway what it is today. The faith the earliest adopters had in the model was humbling, and their tireless campaign to see it implemented at their schools, transformative.

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Data methodology

Maths Pathway gathers data directly on each distinct learning objective across the entire curriculum, spanning levels 1 through to 10A, without relying on statistical inference.

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How does Maths Pathway work?

Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices in a holistic model that supports teachers to deliver differentiated teaching and achieve greater student growth in the classroom.

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Impact Report 2019

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