How does the learning and teaching model work?

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We combine personalised learning, teacher instruction and bulletproof reporting in a #1 maths program for both students and teachers to create a learning and teaching model that actually works. We do this with:

Diagnostic and Initial Data
Good data drives good results. As students work through modules and move towards mastery, you can use data to understand what pace students are progressing and what action is needed. Whether it’s targeted intervention, Mini Lessons or getting a snapshot of the class as a whole, we support teachers to see how students are tracking and what steps to take to support your students next.

Individual Learning Paths
Our Learning and Teaching Model supports teachers to deliver personalised learning to every student, increasing growth and engagement in the classroom. The model encompasses small group and whole class lessons, along with one-on-one feedback sessions creating a holistic learning environment, with detailed data captured to show student progress.

Learning Content and Formative Assessment 
We help you evolve your pedagogical practices within your classroom. This includes developing:

  • Successful pedagogical strategies for running effective small group lessons
  • Rich learning tasks and strategies so students get the most from their experience
  • An understanding of how our module content is written, reviewed and improved

Reporting and Compliance
We can help you with compliance and reporting for your school. We can help you unpack exactly what you need to meet reporting requirements at your school, what documentation you’ll need to access to ensure compliance regulations are met and how to best report in a fair, honest and reliable way that utilises your Maths Pathway data.

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