What is Maths Pathway Flex?

Maths Pathway Flex is a simple, effective and affordable program that combines all of the tools and resources needed to make maths differentiation easier for teachers, and provides outstanding outcomes for students.

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Our Diagnostic Test is an online adaptive tool that efficiently and comprehensively gathers insights into your students. We don’t just give your students a grade, we give you specific, detailed data that determines what content the students will have access to. We identify what your students do and don't know and what they are ready to learn next.

Personalised Learning

In a differentiated classroom, we need to give students the capacity to work effectively and independently. We help to ensure that all students maximise their mathematical potential by giving them access to work they are ready for. They won't have to read through pages of explanations or watch hours of examples; they'll be engaged in a series of well-scaffolded questions designed to build their understanding. Each module is part of a coherent sequence of learning that ensures students are building a deep understanding as they progress.
Our Learning Team writes the content for you, but you determine which parts of the course are focused on at any given time through our Topic Planner. Check out our accessibility features that help as many students as possible engage in the learning process.
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Formative Assessment

Assessment doesn't have to provoke dread in your students - or you! Automatically generated and individualised online tests save you preparation time and keep your finger on the pulse. Fortnightly assessments provide an ideal timeframe to give feedback on whether students have understood the work they have completed and are ready to move forward. You will have time to sit with students one-on-one to discuss progress, celebrate wins and equip them with strategies and goals to be more successful in the next fortnight.

Reporting and Compliance

Every state and system has their own reporting requirements - Maths Pathway makes compliance easy, including with audit requirements, state reporting, and parent communication.

Teacher-led instruction

You know your students better than anyone and our program is designed for you to apply your judgement whenever you need. We’ll provide all of the tools and resources and you can tailor them to what you need to fit your classroom routines and set the pace for student learning.

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How can we help you support maths learning at your school?

Differentiation for every student

2x growth

on average for every student

Expert developed learning content

451+ curriculum aligned

maths modules covering Grade 1-10

Time saved so you can focus on what matters

10hrs planning time

saved per week

Our Impact

For ten years we have made true differentiation possible in classrooms across the country

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Our 2023 Impact Report is here!

We reflect on a school year packed with empowering data and exciting stories. We proudly worked with 71,853 students from 333 schools. Download the report and read the stories from our incredible Maths Pathway community.
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Focus on what makes the biggest impact

We’ll take care of resource development, assessments, documentation and marking so you can focus on what matters - teaching!

"I sat down with another group of EdTech providers and they are nowhere near this level. I felt my time was wasted talking to them. You guys are the industry leaders. Your user experience is brilliant, intuitive and very clear."

- D.B, Maths Pathway teacher

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Trusted by 3,300+ teachers

Maths Pathway Flex was created by teachers, for teachers. It’s been put through its paces by teachers across the country to become what it is today - a simple but effective model for differentiation in the classroom.

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Explore some of our Partner Schools

Chevalier College (NSW)
Kildare Catholic College (NSW)
Randwick Public School (NSW)
Burgmann Anglican College (ACT) 
Blackburn High School (VIC) 
St Francis Xavier (VIC)
Warnambool College (VIC)
Park Ridge State High School (QLD)
Concordia Lutheran College (QLD)
Torrens Valley Christian School (SA)
Adelaide Botanic High School (SA)
Faith Lutheran College (SA)
Dominic College (TAS)
Bob Hawke (WA)
Peter Moyes (WA) 
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How does Maths Pathway Flex Compare?

Maths Pathway Flex
Other Edtech providers
Focused on mastery learning
Teacher-led instruction
Builds metacognitive skills
Aligned to the curriculum
Supports long-term success in maths
Reduces teacher workload and supports best practice classroom management

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Maths Pathway Flex combines differentiated learning and traditional teaching into one, highly effective and totally flexible learning model that teachers will love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maths Pathway Flex

It’s our new learning and teaching model that’s highly effective, totally flexible and easy to implement, so that students can experience true differentiation in a teacher-led classroom.

When will Maths Pathway Flex be available?

Maths Pathway Flex is available for signup immediately. Teachers and students will be able to access the product in Term 1, 2024. You will need to sign up as soon as possible to get access - training, support and signup discounts are currently available.

Who is Maths Pathway Flex best suited to?

Maths Pathway Flex is perfect for schools looking for a differentiated approach that doesn’t remove all the elements of traditional teaching that you love. This learning and teaching model is best suited to Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 in Australian secondary schools.

Do I need devices in the classroom to use Maths Pathway Flex?

You will need at least 70% of students to have access to a device on a regular basis and there are some cases (e.g. diagnostics and tests) where every student will need access. The Maths Pathway Student Portal will run on both computers (laptops and desktops) as well as touch devices like Android tablets and iPads. We recommend that the Teacher Portal is accessed from a computer.

Is it aligned to the curriculum?

Yes. Maths Pathway Flex has full coverage of The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, The Victorian Curriculum, and the NSW Syllabus. Both the old and new versions of each curriculum are available. These can be even assigned to different year levels during 2024.
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