Webinar – Getting you started with Maths Pathway

Webinar - Getting you started with Maths Pathway

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    Learning Intentions

    Become a qualified Maths Pathway trainer equipped to successfully implement the Learning Model and run a professional development program back at school. By building teacher capacity, you will be able to deliver a maths course which is balanced, meaningful and impactful.

    Become change facilitators to manage a smooth transition to the new learning model using carefully structured plans to address school leadership, parents, students and teachers.

    Be welcomed into a nation-wide community of maths teachers driving reform throughout the system, sharing resources, and experiences with each other. All of this while sharing a common commitment to improving the maths learning of students.

    What to have ready on the day

    Laptop and charger

    See how the Maths Pathway model can dramatically improve learning in your classroom.

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    How does Maths Pathway work?

    Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices in a holistic model that supports teachers to deliver differentiated teaching and achieve greater student growth in the classroom.

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