Rich Learning with Impact (VIC)

Maths Pathway’s 'Rich Learning with Impact' is a professional development program held over 3 non-consecutive days for teachers and school leaders. You will be equipped to make rich learning a regular part of your classroom practice and with students of all levels.

Rich Learning with Impact (VIC)

Maths Pathway’s 'Rich Learning with Impact' is a professional development program held over 3 non-consecutive days for teachers and school leaders. You will be equipped to make rich learning a regular part of your classroom practice and with students of all levels.

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  • 25 June
    3 days - 25 June, 26 June, 21 August
    Session information
    Day 1
    Tue 25 Jun 09:00 - Tue 25 Jun 15:30
    St Francis Xavier College, Beaconsfield Campus, VIC
    Day 2
    Wed 26 Jun 09:00 - Wed 26 Jun 15:30
    St Francis Xavier College, Beaconsfield Campus, VIC
    Day 3
    Wed 21 Aug 09:00 - Wed 21 Aug 15:30
    St Francis Xavier College, Beaconsfield Campus, VIC
    St Francis Xavier College, Beaconsfield Campus, VIC
    Michaela Epstein
    • PD hours: 19
    • $900.00 excl. GST
    Registration closed
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About 'Rich Learning with Impact'

The program is underpinned by Maths Pathway’s belief in making evidence-based practices in teaching and learning accessible, while supporting teachers to make long-term and sustainable change.

Held over 3 days. The first 2 days are back-to-back. The 3rd day is a minimum of 1 month later to give you time to implement what is learnt, then come back together to reflect, troubleshoot any issues, and make further plans for ongoing rich learning implementation.

'Rich Learning with Impact' is an invaluable PD program that will:

  • equip you to make rich learning part of your regular classroom practice
  • provide you with rich learning tasks that you experience and can use with all students
  • build your confidence in structuring and delivering rich learning
  • enable you to develop students’ skills in problem solving, critical thinking and communication
  • allow you time to implement and reflect on new ideas for maximum impact
  • have you engaging with like-minded people

Why Rich Learning?

Maths Educator and Maths Pathway Partner Dan Finkel speaks on the importance of Rich Learning in the classroom.


This PD is endorsed by Maths Educator and Math for Love founder, Dan Finkel and Maths Pedagogy Consultant, Charles Lovitt.

“Rich Learning is key to inspiring and engaging students in mathematical thinking, and without it, maths class is incomplete. Every teacher needs to be equipped to incorporate Rich Tasks into regular classroom practice and this PD helps you do just that. You’ll walk away with both the resources and confidence you need to engage your students with Rich Learning. If you can only invest in one PD, make sure you choose this one.” - Dan Finkel

“Some learning tasks are better (richer!) than others – what makes them so? By analysing practical tasks from the field, can we build a set of criteria that describe the characteristics of a Rich Task. This PD will work towards developing such a set of criteria. It will in turn support us as teachers to become more discriminating in the tasks that we use. The major reasons for attending this PD and increasing Rich Tasks in your classroom is that these sorts of tasks tend to be much better at developing the proficiencies, are generally much more engaging, cater effectively for differentiation and hence provide a healthier more ‘balanced’ program” - Charles Lovitt

Your Facilitator

Michaela Epstein
Head of Learning/President
Maths Pathway/ Mathematical Association of Victoria, Vic

As head of learning at Australian-founded social enterprise Maths Pathway and the current president of the Mathematical Association of Victoria, Michaela Epstein’s work revolves around the belief that students need to be involved in meaningful and thought-provoking mathematics, in which a growth mindset is an essential ingredient for success. Underpinning this is the idea that we are all ‘maths people’.

Michaela tirelessly advocates for the advancement of mathematics in Australian schools. She has taught and coached teachers in schools in rural Victoria and in Melbourne, where she introduced and led programs aimed at supporting and extending students in mathematics. In 2014, Epstein was recognised at the ACER Excellence in Professional Practice Conference with an award for her work with a numeracy intervention program.

Michaela’s expertise in mathematics education also extends to curriculum policy and development. She recently completed Masters-level research at The University of Melbourne with the intent of framing the new Victorian curriculum for mathematics. In her current roles, Epstein works closely with teachers and other members of the community to facilitate the sharing of ideas and to ensure that research and data is used thoughtfully so that all students can succeed in mathematics.

Michaela has developed the Maths Pathway rich learning program and has facilitated numerous rich learning PD sessions. She is passionate for students to see the connections across what they are learning, and to see them open to the curiosity and ownership of mathematical ideas.



9:00amRegistration, tea/coffee on arrival
9:30am Rich Learning with Impact
11:00amMorning tea
11:15amRich Learning with Impact
1:30pmRich Learning with Impact

Day 1

Overview of rich learning
You will look at why rich learning is important, what it is (and what it isn't), and how rich learning fits into a balanced maths program. Attendees will also experience several rich learning tasks throughout the day, which can then be taken back to the classroom.

Day 2
Structure and pedagogy of rich learning
You will hone in on the components of a rich learning task, including how these components are delivered, what are the roles of everyone in the classroom, and techniques for helping students to get unstuck.

Day 3
Rich learning for the long-term
After an extended break between Days 2 and 3, we will come back together to reflect on experiences with rich learning during that period. Day 3 will include a focus on deliberate practice of a chosen skill used in delivering rich learning tasks, and planning for the long-term.

Who should attend?

School teams who want to reflect on and further develop their mathematics practice. Individual teachers may register, however schools are strongly encouraged to send a group of teachers who can collaborate and support one another during and beyond the program.


$900 (+ GST) includes lunch and all resources. 
Do you want to host 'Rich Learning with Impact' at your school? Considerable discounts will apply for your staff. Speak to Michaela on ph 03 9910 4737 for more information.


You will be provided with all program materials and have access to the tools and resources to give you immediate impact with your students. 

You will also receive a certificate of learning for 19.5 Teacher Identified hours aligning with the 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 4.1, 4.2, 5.2, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 7.4  AITSL Standards


Would you like to host a 'Rich Learning with Impact' program at your school? Phone Michaela Epstein on 03 9910 4737 for more details including attractive discounts for being a host.

For more information

For any enquiries call Michaela Epstein at Maths Pathway on 03 9910 4737.

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