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Picture this.

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Picture this. You’re in the middle of a lesson with your students when you see it — Jack’s eyes have drifted from the activity in front of him to his pencil case, which he is now drawing on. Sam is in the corner, playing with his phone and Tegan seems to be watching some sort of YouTube tutorial with Lucy.

It’s so frustrating, but if our students aren’t engaged in what’s going on, they are perfectly happy to give their attention to something they find more interesting.

Getting the attention of all of your students can be tough, and keeping is even tougher. 

It’s a battle teachers face daily. Yet their attention and interest is crucial to learning. If a student isn’t curious or engaged, learning won’t take place. 

You’re probably not going to have the attention of all of your students for every minute of every lesson that you teach (if you do, please share your secrets). But we can strive to spark curiosity with engaging maths lessons that get our students thinking.

To help you do this in your classroom, we’ve put together some of our favourite lesson plans and Rich tasks.

Lesson plans

Hands-on activities can grab the interest of your students and make maths lessons fun. Maths educator Tom has developed these great lesson plans that you can use in your classroom today.

Rich Learning

Rich Learning is an engaging experience for the whole class, where mathematical concepts are explored using open-ended activities with multiple entry and exit points. This type of learning focuses on developing critical thinking and reasoning skills and encourages students to think like mathematicians.

Videos for you

We’re lucky enough to work with some amazing teachers and educators at Maths Pathway. Two of our favourites, Dan Finkel and Eddie Woo, have created a series of videos especially for teachers covering topics including differentiation through play.

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