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Early Insights will give you accurate, real time data that is easy to understand and action. You can see which concepts the students have a firm understanding of, and which ones they need more support to develop.

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specifically for you

Early Insights has been extensively tested with

170 teachers
to ensure accuracy and ease of use

1500 students
to support different literacy levels and EALD backgrounds

Making differentiation affordable

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How it works

Simply upload your student list

Select a broad assessment or deep assessment. Customise your deep assessment with the key concepts you want to assess

Review dashboard data in real time to make decisions about grouping and differentiation

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Why teachers across Australia love Early Insights


The tool can be used with your whole class at once, small groups or in one-on-one sessions. It fits with your classroom routines and structures.

Made for young students

Designed by primary teachers, the tool includes features that reduce literacy demands and take into account developing motor skills.

Granular data

The data you get is more granular than the curriculum so it can easily be used to target your teaching in the classroom.

Fits my routines

Early Insights won’t dominate and dictate your timetable. It will fit your schedule. So you can run it as a diagnostic, or a formative assessment on an ongoing basis.

Takes into account my judgement

Early Insights values teacher observations and includes interviews for concepts that require teacher judgement.

Easy to use

Early Insights is so easy to use. Simply select the concepts you wish to assess, and the assessment will automatically generate for students.

Data I can trust

With over 50 different question types, you can be sure each concept is thoroughly diagnosed. Plus, we’ve tested with real students and teachers!

Ability to tailor to assess the key concepts I want

You have complete control. You can select the key concepts you would like to assess for your whole class, or even tailor assessment for different students.

Real-time data

Data is displayed in dashboards in real-time, so the latest information is always at your fingertips.

Engaging and fun for students

With colourful graphics, big fonts, gamification and a user-friendly interface, Early Insights is more like an activity than a test.

Aligned to the curriculum for easy reporting

Mapped to all state based curriculums to clearly show which Content Descriptors students have demonstrated fully, partially, or have not demonstrated yet.

Less admin, more teaching time

With less time spent creating, running, marking and analysing assessments, you’ll have more time for what’s important - teaching!

Adaptability - used as pre and post assessment

Early Insights can be used for both formative and summative assessments and you have complete control over what is assessed.

Lots of question types for thorough assessment

With over 50 question templates, including drag and drop, voice answer and drawing, the tool accurately diagnoses every mathematical area.

Ability to group students based on findings

With Early Insights you can quickly and easily group students based on data. And when you’re teaching that group, their data is right there with you.

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