Differentiation in the classroom

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"It's offering more challenges for students to actually apply their understanding"

Maths Pathways doesn't create a brand new idea of how to teach but it gives teachers the platform they need to differentiate with ease. Teachers are empowered to diagnose where each student is at in their learning and clearly see where the gaps and misconceptions sit.

The data offers an in-depth insight into exactly each student's understanding and the work is perfectly tailored to their needs. Each lesson is dynamic and much more progressive than what is experienced in a traditional classroom where students are sitting in rows passively absorbing information. In a Maths Pathway classroom students are actively engaging and the teacher is moving around the classroom supporting each student.

A learning and teaching model like Maths Pathway offers you all the support, resources and technology that you need. It incorporates professional development, change management and implementation science. We use all the tools that are available to us to make sure we can get the best education for students.

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