School Improvement Consultant

Your school will be supported by a dedicated School Improvement Consultant who will work with you to implement and iterate the Maths Pathway model, providing ongoing support that ensures your school has an effective learning environment for students.

The most change, the most support

Maths Pathway is not a black box solution to maths teaching that your school can pick up and take away. It’s a complete change to the way you teach mathematics and we’re here to support long-term, sustainable change in your school.

We’re on a journey together

We will be by your side through every step of the implementation process, making sure the Maths Pathway Learning and Teaching Model is integrated seamlessly in your school. As change management experts, we will support you to roll-out the model to your department, leadership team and the parent community as well as in the classroom.

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How do we help?

Your School Improvement Consultant won’t just help with implementation. They’ll remain a resource to your maths and leadership teams, sharing resources, professional development opportunities, best practice and connecting you with other schools and teachers using the model.

Change management

Our School Improvement Consultants are change management experts. They are equipped with knowledge of change management strategies and tactics to support you from beginning to end, overcoming any challenges that arise along the way.

Parent communication

Your School Improvement Consultant won’t just support you in the classroom. They’ll be there to help with parent communication too. Whether that means providing resources, attending meetings or answering questions.

Professional learning

Maths Pathway embeds world-class professional learning in our model. This is designed to bring the community of teachers together to learn, make new connections and most importantly to enable long-lasting impact.

Student data support

Your School Improvement Consultant will proactively monitor data from your school and regularly communicate with you about the results. This will help you and your school leaders to understand trends and patterns across different cohorts of students.

Meet the School Improvement Consultants

Liam Jones

School Improvement Consultant

Jennifer Johns

School Improvement Consultant

Luke D’Astoli

School Improvement Consultant

Simone Allen

School Improvement Consultant

David Henning

School Improvement Consultant

Janine Shipard

School Improvement Consultant

See how the Maths Pathway model can dramatically improve learning in your classroom.

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How does Maths Pathway work?

Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices in a holistic model that supports teachers to deliver differentiated teaching and achieve greater student growth in the classroom.

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