Professional growth and development

With a range of professional learning events across Australia, including the introductory ‘train the trainer’ program, Maths Pathway teachers have access to ongoing programs throughout the year.

Supporting the transition

Maths Pathway embeds world-class professional learning in our model. This is designed to bring the community of teachers together to learn, make new connections and most importantly to enable long-lasting impact.

Our programs

Our online and face-to-face programs incorporate best practice research on teaching mathematics, teaching students at their point of need, developing growth mindsets, and building motivation among students.

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Events and training programs

Maths Pathway teachers are invited to our annual two day conference, PATH19, to hear from education’s most forward thinking advocates and practitioners of change. Professional development programs are also available for teachers to refine their skills or learn more about important topics such as Rich Learning.

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Maths Pathway teacher retreats

Making a change to the way mathematics is taught at your school is a big transition. That’s why we developed ‘train the trainer’ retreats, to support the implementation process. The two day intensive program equips teachers with the skills and resources to provide in-faculty training and to champion the change with leadership, parents and students.

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See how the Maths Pathway model can dramatically improve learning in your classroom.

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How does Maths Pathway work?

Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices in a holistic model that supports teachers to deliver differentiated teaching and achieve greater student growth in the classroom.

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