Personalised learning

By identifying gaps and building on existing knowledge, Maths Pathway delivers a personalised learning experience that’s doubling student growth rates across the country.

Helping you differentiate learning

In the average classroom, there is an eight year spread of ability. When content is delivered according to year level, it is incredibly challenging to target every student’s point of need. In fact, providing individualised learning without support means growing the teacher’s already considerable workload to develop more assessments and more resources. Maths Pathway overcomes these challenges supporting you to provide truly differentiated learning to each student, without additional admin.

Student hasn’t yet mastered this

Student has mastered this


Needs to work on gaps in knowledge in chance and data


Does not have strong number and algebra knowledge


Is trying to race ahead without filling in gaps in her knowledge

Number and Place…Fractions and deci…Money and Financial…Patterns and algebraLinear and non-line…Using units of measu…ShapeGeometric reasoningLocation and transf…Pythagoras and trigon…ChanceData represent…
Level 10A
Level 10
Level 9
Level 8
Level 7
Level 6
Level 5
Level 4
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1

Every student, no matter their background or current skill level, should have the opportunity to see growth and experience success in maths.

Target every student’s point of need

Maths Pathway uses advanced diagnostics and ongoing formative assessments to provide granular data on each student’s gaps and competencies. Students are then delivered the content that they’re ready for, building mathematical mastery along a continuum from where they happen to be.

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Growth through personalised learning

By providing each student with a personalised program, Maths Pathway supports all students — despite their academic standing — to achieve growth and success in maths. That means top achieving students can move beyond the restrictions of aged-based content and students who have previously struggled can master the maths they’re ready for.

Deliver ‘aha!’ moments

Every student deserves to experience the joy of maths. With Maths Pathway, more than 57,000 students are doing just that. See how Chevalier College has achieved growth and engagement in the classroom with Maths Pathway.

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“In the past, you were worried about bringing the kids who weren’t ready along. They tended to slow the rest of the class’ progress and you would need to spend a lot of time completing the material. Now, because each student is working on material at their level, they are making more progress in a smaller amount of time.”

Louise Mansfield, St Peter’s College Cranbourne, VIC

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How does Maths Pathway work?

Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices in a holistic model that supports teachers to deliver differentiated teaching and achieve greater student growth in the classroom.

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