Australian Learning Lecture

Case Study: Maths Success and Joy

Australian Learning Lecture

“Far too many Australian students make too little learning progress each year.  Many students who fall behind never catch up, while many highly able students are not stretched.”


  • Learn how one school is using a data-driven teaching approach to enable students to grow and thrive in maths.
  • Find out how to adopt the same model in your school and more about Maths Pathway by using the links and references at the end of this case study.
  • Watch the ALL Maths Pathway video to see the program in practice.


The ALL Case Studies are practical examples of how joy and data can come together in learning.  Inspired by the inaugural Australian Learning Lecture, delivered by Sir Michael Barber, the ALL Case Studies examine how data gathered through the use of diagnostic tools in real learning experiences provides greater insight into how each student learns.  Data enables educators to help learners find joy in learning, to flourish and tackle life’s opportunities.


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See how the Maths Pathway model can dramatically improve learning in your classroom.

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How does Maths Pathway work?

Maths Pathway combines evidence-based practices in a holistic model that supports teachers to deliver differentiated teaching and achieve greater student growth in the classroom.