6 activities for the first week back at school

And just like's 2023! We all know this can be a crazy time, with students still running off the adrenaline from the holidays and trying to adjust to their new year level and classes. So how can we get them settled in with ease?
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January 26, 2021

It feels like we blinked and the 2023 school year is here. We all know this can be a crazy time - students are still running on the adrenaline from the holidays while trying to adjust to their new year level.

It's a really tricky dynamic to navigate, so what can we do to get students settled in with ease?

You may have noticed on Instagram we share our top activities for the classroom. We thought we would put these tasks together in one place for our teacher community because having extra Lesson Plans and Energises could be just the thing to help your students adjust back into the classroom.

We have put together a range of activities to suit all year levels and abilities. The Which One Doesn't Belong and the Tiny Polka Dot puzzles are great for younger students. They both offer a variety of games, so you will always find a relevant activity to break up your class and keep your students engaged.

The final 5 Rich Tasks and Energisers are best suited for students in Years 5 and above. They will challenge your students' problem-solving skills and initiate mathematical thinking to captivate them in their work and get them excited for maths class.

We hope these activities help get your class focus, have fun and get settled into the new school year. Have a great first week back. Bring on 2023!

Which One Doesn’t Belong

These puzzles are great for students of all ages but in particular are the perfect way to introduce critical thinking to younger students in a fun way. Watch Tom’s overview of WODB to help you get the most out of it with your students and then check out their website which has a never end supply of different variations.

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1-2 Nim

1-2 Nim the perfect Rich Task to light students’ curiosity, engage them in productive struggle and allow them to take ownership of their learning.

Access the lesson plan

Maths Magic Trick

A bit of maths magic in the classroom is sure to get your students intrigued, so Dan Finkel is here to show you how to make it happen. Access the lesson plan

Number Palindromes

Dan Finkel shows us how number palindromes can make the perfect activity and encourage students to explore 1 and 2 step methods.

Access the lesson plan

First to 22

Explore the deceptively rich and engaging activity – “First to 22” with Tom Moore. There may be more to this activity than meets the eye!

Extension video

Tiny Polka Dot

Dan Finkel’s Tiny Polka Dot game is the perfect card game for students aged 3-8. It is built to grow with your students teaching critical skills in counting, arithmetic, and logic along the way. There are quite a few different games you can play with Tiny Polka Dot and Dan Finkel demonstrates just one in this video.

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