The Importance of Mathematics Learning

Using mathematics with confidence is vitally important for young people. Mathematical skills inform what we do every day - not just in specialist mathematical professions. Mathematics provides a beautiful and elegant way of thinking about the world. We believe that instilling a love of mathematics is valuable in and of itself.

The Impact of our Learning and Teaching Model

At Maths Pathway, we recognise that a student's "level" should not be their metric of success. We focus on measuring and reporting student growth. Growth rate measurements emphasise both the value of continual development and of building on pre-existing or new knowledge. Schools using the Model achieve an average rate of student learning that is twice that of the traditional model.


Before and After

Not only does the Maths Pathway Learning and Teaching Model improve the overall growth rate of students, it makes a remarkable difference to the distribution of the rates of student learning. Students in schools using the Maths Pathway Model are considerably more likely to reach Level 10 standard, and to be able to access higher level STEM careers.


Download the 2016 Impact Report

Explore the enormous positive impact Maths Pathway schools have made over 2016.