Meet our team

"We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
... we are the movers and shakers
of the world for ever, it seems"

Richard Wilson

Chief Visionary

A native of South Africa, Richard grew up witnessing first-hand the divide between the haves and have-nots in society. Driven by a passion for improving the futures of young people the world over, Richard co-founded Maths Pathway while still a teacher. He now steers the organisation in pursuit of a world in which everyone knows and enjoys maths.

Justin Matthys

Chief Integrator

A member of the physics research group that discovered the Higgs Boson, Justin swapped high profile academia for teaching. As a teacher, Justin could not ignore the vast number of students he saw graduating with no understanding of mathematics. His quest for a solution led him to commit his life savings and quit his job to co-found Maths Pathway.

Michaela Epstein

Head of Learning

Michaela's work is driven by her belief in collaborative, creative mathematics and the importance of growth mindsets. She is often found tweeting, has a penchant for Eurovision and enjoys quality hummous - sometimes all at once.

Mabel Chen

Learning Specialist

Mabel is still waiting for her musical career to take off, so in the mean time she eats a lot of burgers and is known to some as a 'burger queen'. Beware leaving her alone with a sharpie for too long; she will probably draw on everything.

Chris Shaw

Learning Specialist

Chris is a man of many hats, literally and figuratively. When he's not trying to solve the mysteries of the universe and the problems of human society, you might find him swing dancing to the sweet tunes of Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald, chatting with friends about a well-made movie or tv show, or eating unreasonable quantities of hommus.

Dylan Hall

Head of Engineering

Dylan likes software development, chess, and reading science fiction. Despite this, he swears he's fun at parties. On the weekends he enjoys riding his motorbike through Victoria's beautiful landscape, with a spot of hiking and camping, plus some time for his friends.

Berik Assylbekov

Software Engineer

Berik is happiest when adding great new features to the Maths Pathway system. He's our resident TechCrunch reader, table tennis expert, and novice motorbike rider.

Gui Silva

Software Engineer

Gui is constantly taking off mountains and flying with the eagles. On cloudy days he'll be trying to find a movie that he hasn't watched yet. He's known in the office for his Rocket League skills.

Joel Smith

Head of School Success

As well as strong coffee, Joel enjoys cooking whilst trying to avoid stepping on his tiny dog and struggling to remember lyrics to a song he heard five years ago. He's been described as 'Joel knows... stuff.', but doesn't know enough about any single topic to be considered knowledgeable in it.

Luke D'Astoli

School Success Specialist

A lover of all sports with a penchant for British comedies, Luke hopes to never graduate to the grown ups table at family Christmas. He is passionate about customised education and likes to win an argument. Mules are often heard to describe other vexatious mules as being 'as stubborn as a Luke'.

Jennifer Johns

School Success Specialist

Ignoring the fact she once tried to consume 1kg of Maltesers in an afternoon, Jennifer loves to travel and get involved with new cultures. When not planning her next travel destination you'll find her with a smile on her face surrounded by family and friends.

Em Duncan

School Success Specialist

Em, as in Emilio Estevez without the 'ilio Estevez', is a lover of music and hater of gluten. Often found singing at her desk, Em loves catching new live music, finding doggo memes on the interwebs and finding innovative and creative solutions to problems.

Liam Jones

School Success Specialist

Liam was born and bred in regional Queensland and found his penchant for teaching Mathematics in years 8 & 9 when students would line up to see him instead of the English and History teachers assigned to the class. A lover of good food, good wine and good travel, he enjoys eclectic mix of music, yoga, tennis, didgeridoo, meditation and movies. But nothing lights his day more than being greeted by the smile and excitement of his daughter every morning and night.

Mathew Blanc

School Support Speciaist

Mat likes to spend his time outside of work hanging off cliffs for fun. He doesn't know why. Maybe he wasn't allowed to climb trees as a kid? When not outside, he likes to keep his hands busy with crochet, or practicing his mad trivia skills.

Sam Smith

Technical Support Specialist

Sam spends most of his time seeking out the scariest movies he can find, and then regretting it immediately. He also likes listening to music and playing tabletop games. He's been involved in theatre on and off and has tried his hand at acting, costume design and script writing.

Nicole Darman

Engagement Specialist

Recently described as 'the minister of fun times', Nicole can always be found with a smile on her face. She is a firm believer that Nutella is its own food group, and enjoys slaying opponents at Mario Kart on her Nintendo 64. Ask her about gravitational waves at your own risk.

Emily Victor

Community Speciaist

Emily relocated to Australia not long ago to escape the freezing Chicago winters and to pursue a career in innovative education. After arriving she found Maths Pathway where she could support her stationery addiction, love of inspirational quotes and learning Aussie lingo. As a former primary school teacher she strongly believes in the transformative power of education and that every student has the potential to change the world.

Dan Raica

Video Specialist

From stealing the camera out of his parents' hands at age 8, it's safe to say Dan has always been obsessed with video. After starting his career in digital design and project management, he returned to his passion (read: obsession) as a career and has been making corporate films with some of Australia's biggest companies for nearly a decade now. Part nerdy gear head, part sensitive storyteller, he is now in his element at Maths Pathway working with teachers and students to tell their stories.

Tony Matthys

Mindset, Skills and Behaviour Specialist

Proud father of 5 children (who are now all grown). I have a continuously curious mind and so delve in to all sorts of pastimes including: woodwork; welding; electronics; gardening; renovations; programming; restoring a piano; guitar playing etc. Life is often insane, so learn to keep a sense of humor as you go through it.

Maree Evans

Administrative Specialist

Maree is a mother of two who loves to create, whether that be sewing, renovating or a detailed spreadsheet. When she isn't exploring her geneology, she can be found advocating for equal access to education for all.

Bethany Norton

Administrative Specialist

Bethany loves solving puzzles, organising things, and learning. In her spare time she enjoys baking and exploring the Victorian countryside.